Fall 2020 Pandemic Wrap Up

This quarter at EWU was brutal but I did not realize it until Week 11. Remember when Darth Vader would choke-force those who disappointed him and they would lift in the air suffocating? Well that’s how I felt. But the wonders of the human spirit never cease and I regrouped after watching the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when the family still throws Kim a 40th birthday party DESPITE mandates/pandemics/civil unrest and dammit if those Kardashians can persevere so can I. (You do not know me but that shit was facetious AF. I do require bad TV to settle down though. Alcohol just makes me tired and no thanks to CBD-infused items because I hibernate like a fat winter bear. So my straight edge vice is crap shows like reality TV and ghost hunting shows. It’s COVID brother so my elitist tendencies have been flatlined.)

Update to the San Juan Island stories

Previously I posted about General George Pickett’s 2nd wife who was indigenous and relatively forgotten and my tone was incriminating and pissy in my article and film/podcast I created. After Dr. Cebula offered secondary sources to review, my research presented insightful material about his Haida bride and their son. Instead of a focus on General Pickett’s POV and his life impacted his wives’ and children, I focused on his San Juan Island wife and what is known for her legacy which included their son James. This enamored me with James for he succeeded in ways many mixed race children did not with his reach beyond San Juan Island due his artistic talent and support system which was left out in historical accounts. Many author biases influenced stories about him and the mythology of a poor, abandoned Indian boy took hold. He had people in his corner who rallied for him and that was surprising in my new findings. James will stay with me and I intend on seeking more information out about his life.

Here is the updated podcasts and one new podcast submitted to the San Juan Islands historical:

Unknown Mrs. Pickett

Northern Straits Indians

Rabbit Invasion

Stay healthy | mask up | be kind

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