Project: San Juan Island Stories with Dr. Cebula and his EWU Students in Digital History

San Juans Explorer is a digital guide to the history, natural history, and culture of the San Juan Islands. A project of the Public History Program at Eastern Washington University, the geolocated stories on San Juans Explorer were created by EWU students. Initial content will be deployed in the summer of 2018, and the project will grow one student cohort at a time. For questions or complaints, please contact Larry Cebula, at This site is powered by Omeka + Curatescape, a humanities-centered web and mobile framework available for both Android and iOS devices.

Below are the contributions I made to the San Juan Island Stories during Digital History.

Northern Straits Indians

Listen to my podcast Everyday is a Throwback about the Northern Straits Indians here.

Rabbit Invasion on San Juan Islands

Listen to my Everyday is a Throwback podcast about rabbits on the San Juan Islands here.

The Unknown Mrs. Pickett

Listen to my Everyday is a Throwback podcast about Mrs. Pickett here.